Hello! Welcome to my website.

About Brian Swander This is a small sample of work I have occupied myself with over the last few years.

As a lifelong art student, carpenter, contractor and part-time musician, I have managed to keep pretty busy and make a living.

I work out of a duplex in Modesto, California, one half residence, the other half studio with a couple of outbuildings that serve as shop space. When the weather is nice, as it often is here, I love to work outside. I have spent much of my life hovering over saw horses, easels and work benches making things for my clients and friends.

As an art student I attended the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Modesto Junior College, San Jose State College and the International Institute of Experimental Printmaking in Santa Cruz, California. I have worked for and with various artists over the years as a shop tech and assistant.

While living the student life, it was necessary to work to support myself and I was fortunate to have many opportunities in the construction trades. It was a time when there were still many old-style craftsmen still plying their trade and willing to take the time to share and hand down some of the traditions and skills largely forgotten or extinct these days.

I found that the nobility of toil and the skills demonstrated by several of these inspirational mentors sustained a quality of life in both worlds.

I have been involved in teaching California Conservation Corp. crews and found it rewarding to pass along some of these experiences to the young people attending my basic home repair classes.

After a long period of running my contracting business, I found my way back to making art. Several extended trips to Europe and South America ignited a renewed interest in painting, printmaking and mosaic. Though I still work in the tools of my furniture and carpentry projects, I am increasingly drawn to my inner artist's activities.

I have also over the last few years been involved with the Prospect Theater Project in Modesto (http://www.ProspectTheaterProject.org) as technical director designing and building sets.

I like to show my larger paintings in a couple of very fine restaurants here in my home town. Drop by Clayton's on "H" street or Dewz on "J" in Modesto. All of the paintings on view are for sale.

Thanks for checking out my site,

Brian Swander